Application Loading and Staging for Mobile Terminals


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This application loading service is only available with staging services offered by Warp Systems, it is available to all resellers who wish to have mobile computers staged for direct shipment to the end user. This service entails the unpacking of the end unit, connecting it to the cradles and/or cables loading the applications as defined at the time of order and if required installing the bios version required by the application. Additionally we will loaded and monitor a "hotbed" diagnostics process and attached asset lables if they are supplied by the reseller or end user.

On completion the units will be re-packed for individual location delivery if specified. 

Benefits of this service includes:

  • Direct Shipment of fully working units directly to customer sites
  • Units that are DOA will be filtered out before the customer gets them and then is required to go through the manufacturer's warranty process
  • Cables that DOA, or missing from the packaging will be replaced, ensuring the end user has a complete working device day one.

This staging service offered by Warp Systems is available to Organisations to ensure their mobile computers are staged for direct shipment from branch to branch or to enhance the existing route of a device. This service provides the following;

1.       Unpacking of the mobile unit, connecting it to the cradles and/or cables the end units will be sent with and leaving them powering in the cradle for a minimum of 4 hours.

2.       The bios version will be checked and updated to the latest if it is seen to be earlier versions than current.

3.       The Specific Customer  OS version will be loaded and checked.

4.       The new CAB file will be and  loaded on the mobile device.

5.       Test data will be loaded on the mobile device to ensure that the new CAB file installation has been successful.

6.       The features of the device (Scanner, Camera, SIM Card) will be checked and tested.

7.       Batteries will be fully charged and tested.

8.       The device will packed and sent to the nominated Branch.

9.       Any device faults will be reported back to the cusotmer nominated point of contact.